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Boreas Bulk Updater for Data Streams

No more making 1 update for each of your data streams. With the Bulk Updater for Data Streams App you can make updates across any or all of your data streams at once.

Save time and unlock new possibilities by managing your data streams at scale.


What all can it update?

Nearly everything about your data streams can be updated in bulk, in seconds. Data load rules, extended properties, field mapping formulas, processing schedules, authentications, parent data streams and so much more can be managed at scale across your entire workspace(s).

App Features


Copy & Paste

Copy the attributes, mapping, and extended properties from one data stream and paste these settings to other data streams.

Update Field Formulas

Update the mapping formulas of your data model fields and apply these new formulas across your data streams.


Update Data Stream Attributes

Update the attributes (properties in the advanced window when editing data streams) of many of your data streams at once


Update Data Stream Names

Update the names of all (or some) of your data streams to ensure consistent naming conventions and information.


Update Extended Properties

Update the extended properties of your data streams and apply these changes across any data stream of the same source


Data Stream Authentication

Update the authentication used for any of your API data streams.


TotalConnect Data Import

Update the scheduling and configuration for how you import TotalConnect data. You guessed it, you can then apply this to however many data streams you want.


How does it actually work?


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