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While we (Marketing Cloud Intelligence Admins) may strive to have the perfect MCI workspace, errors are inevitable. Data streams, harmonization rules, calculated fields, filters, date ranges, and many others are changing every day. Any one of these changes can cause unintended downstream issues. Errors are lurking, waiting to strike at exactly the inopportune time.


That's why we at Boreas are seeking to #FreeTheError. Instead of hiding from errors we want to set them free. When errors are free they can no longer surprise us as we open up a dashboard for a demo or a user is putting together a last minute report. By freeing the errors we can fix them before they do any harm.

. . .

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What we're doing about it.

We created the MCI Dashboard Audit App to free the errors hiding in your dashboard pages. This audit app automatically parses your dashboard pages, analyses the data in all the page's widgets, and lets you know of any issues that require your attention.

Let's see how it works.



Sunny summer bright sweet multicolor blurred Background. Purple, ultraviolet, violet, red

It's Time to

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A Sustainable Future is For Everyone and Will Require Everyone.

Because of this belief, we have partnered with the Carbon Offset Company to assess and reassess the impacts of our operations on the environment

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Through this partnership, for every month you are subscribed, we will plant 10 trees on your behalf.
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