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While we (Marketing Cloud Intelligence Admins) may strive to have the perfect MCI workspace, errors are inevitable. Data streams, harmonization rules, calculated fields, filters, date ranges, and many others are changing every day. Any one of these changes can cause unintended downstream issues. Errors are lurking, waiting to strike at exactly the inopportune time.


That's why we at Boreas are seeking to #FreeTheError. Instead of hiding from errors we want to set them free. When errors are free they can no longer surprise us as we open up a dashboard for a demo or a user is putting together a last minute report. By freeing the errors we can fix them before they do any harm.

. . .

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What we're doing about it.

We created the MCI Dashboard Audit App to free the errors hiding in your dashboard pages. This audit app automatically parses your dashboard pages, analyses the data in all the page's widgets, and lets you know of any issues that require your attention.

Let's see how it works.



  • How does the app actually work?
    To install the app, all you have to do is select the dashboards you want audited (within Datorama's API call limits). To run the audit, all you need to do is open the app instance. When you open the app instance, the app uses the Datorama API to gather information on the page + widget settings. This information is then used to get the data for each widget. Once the app has this information our algorithm parses the data and lets you know of anything that requires your attention. The audit results are presented in a color-coded and easy to read format so you can get working on more important things. The most important thing the app looks for are any errors or widgets that are returning no data. These issues will be color-coded red in the results so you are made aware of such issues right away. The app also looks for other issues that may hinder the dashboard's ability to deliver insights such as missing time series data, outliers, visual charts that are hard to read (cough cough Pie Charts) and other errant configs that may confuse end users such as multiple date filters applied to the same widget.
  • Why does each app instance have a limit on the number of widgets it can audit?
    The app needs to make an API call for each widget that needs to be audited. Because there's a limit to how many API calls we can make in a given period of time, we need to limit the number of widgets each app instance can look at. Also, this limit ensures the app instance won't bod down Datorama's system, which allows the app to return the audit in a reasonable time and ensures the rest of the platform won't be impacted. Because of this limit, we allow subscribers to have as many app instances as they want. It is recommended you have an app instance per collection that needs to be audited (or multiple instances for large collections).
  • What are the app's limitations?
    Datorama workspaces are limited to 20K API calls per day. Because of this we limit the number of API calls each app instance can make. Any widgets that have a date filter that uses any other date field aside from the standard "Day" dimension will not be able to be audited (e.g. Social Post Created Date) The app does not take into consideration any user level filters or instances where the "Retain User Selection" setting is applied. The app audits the page based on its default state (i.e. the state it was last saved in by a Datorama user) The app does not audit Goal or Timeline widgets.
  • What is the custom Dashboard Audit Solution?
    The custom Dashboard Audit Solution is available to Datorama users that have API access. The custom solution allows users to schedule audits to run automatically at certain times and have the audit results emailed to them. These features are not available in the marketplace app due to limitations on what marketplace apps can do (one limitation is the app's functionality can only run by opening the app). API access is required for the custom solution because the custom solution uses the API to connect directly to your workspace in order to run the audit.
  • Who are you?
    We are a certified Salesforce/Datorama development partner. We've worked closely with the wonderful Datorama team to deploy our app safely and securely on the Datorama marketplace. We are also certified Datorama consultants that have helped organizations of all shapes and sizes use Datorama to become more data driven in their marketing efforts. All our work is rooted in the needs of our partners and we're excited about the opportunity to partner with you.
  • What's with the trees?
    Climate change is something that's going to take every one of us to solve. To do our part we plant 10 trees for every monthly payment for all of our customers. To do this we partner with our friends at The Carbon Offset Company ( The Carbon Offset Company works with registered tree-planting organizations to plant trees in high-impact areas. As a customer, every month you will receive a certificate of the trees planted on your behalf.
Sunny summer bright sweet multicolor blurred Background. Purple, ultraviolet, violet, red

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Because of this belief, we have partnered with the Carbon Offset Company to assess and reassess the impacts of our operations on the environment

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