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Installing a Paid Application from the Marketing Cloud Intelligence App Marketplace

Imagine this, you've stumbled upon a new and innovative paid application on the Marketing Cloud Intelligence (MCI) App Marketplace. You do your research, see a demo, ask questions and determine this is an app you need to have. Now, all that is left is to get the application added to your workspace.

Installing free applications is simple, you just click a button. Installing paid applications is also simple, but with a couple extra steps. This short post will walk you through those steps so you can get a paid application installed on your workspace in your sleep.

Step 1: Payment

Not surprisingly, the first step in installing a paid application is to pay for it. When paying for a paid application, you pay the company that created the application (which we will refer to as the solution provider), not Salesforce.

For example, after you've confirmed you're ready to proceed in purchasing a paid application, you'll work directly with the solution provider to complete payment and setup billing.

Each solution provider will have specific details on payment terms and methods. At Boreas, we offer multiple forms of secure payment to comply with your organization's requirements.

Step 2: Provisioning

Once payment is complete, the solution provider will work with Salesforce to provision the application to your workspace(s).

But you're not off the hook quite yet. In order for the solution provider and Salesforce to get the application added to your workspace(s), there's a couple pieces of information you'll need to provide.

The first is your tenant ID. A tenant ID you ask? We had no clue either. The tenant ID is actually two things combined. Here is how you can find each of the pieces of the tenant ID:

Account ID:

The account ID can be found by first clicking the Salesforce Logo in the upper right corner in the MCI Platform. Then in the dropdown window that will appear, the account ID is the number that is in parenthesis to the right of your account name (just below your user information at the top)

Server Region:

Let's go on a treasure hunt. In the MCI platform, take a look at the full URL in the address bar of your browser. Which of the below URLs does your URL look like? The treasure is in the corresponding server column.

One you have your account ID and server region - simply concatenate the two values with an underscore like this:

Server Region_Account ID

And just like that you have your tenant ID!

Last up are the workspace ID's where you want the app installed. Thanks to support tickets, I am sure the workspace ID needs no introduction. But just in case you forgot, your workspace IDs can be found by clicking the logo in the upper left corner of the MCI platform. You'll find the workspace IDs next to the tile for each one of your workspaces.

Once you have this information, you're all set! The solution provider will work with Salesforce to ensure the app gets provisioned where it should. Once provisioned (usually 1-2 days to complete), you'll see the banner next to the app icon in the marketplace update to "Purchased" and when you click "Get It Now" the app's installation window will appear.

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