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Do you have access to the Datorama API? If yes, your day just got better.

For users with Datorama API access, we offer a custom dashboard audit solution. The custom solution does the exact same thing as the marketplace app, except the custom solution can run audits automatically at custom intervals (as opposed to the marketplace app running audits when the app is opened).


For example, you can set the custom solution to run audits of your dashboard pages every morning right after your data streams process. You'll then receive an email letting you know if any of your dashboard pages have errors or issues.

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Why doesn't the marketplace app do that?

There are limitations to what Datorama Marketplace Apps can do. One limitation is marketplace apps can only do things when the app instance is opened by a user.

Why do I need API access?

In order to make Datorama queries outside of the app marketplace, you need API access. With API access, our custom solution connects to your workspace and makes queries on your behalf, allowing the app to run audits on your Datorama dashboards outside of an app instance.

Dashboard Audit Marketplace App

Dashboard Audit Custom Solution

Audit Your Dashboard Pages

Display Audit Results in App Instances

Email Audit Results

Schedule Audit to Run Automatically

Unlimited Pages in each audit

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